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Workplace Spirituality


For visionaries who are interested in serious inquiry into mastering the model of workplace spiritual wisdom percepts for living with high integrity, benevolent creativity, daring vision and clear intuition that give us the security to adapt to change every day of life. The visionaries will gain insight into the benefits of spiritual percepts, along with learning tools for moving easily between the personal world and world of commerce. These characteristics of spiritual percepts will provide inspirations to all who seek, through transforming business, to improve the well being of people and the planet we live on.

~turn ordinary worry into a form of spiritual inquiry.

~Meditate while sitting, walking or standing a minute at a time.

~Navigate social (business) & spiritual chaos (wisdom).

~Manage stress by learning to cultivate an awareness of the body (intuition).

~Understand ambition, money & power from a spiritual perspective.

~Deal with boredom, discouragement & failure.

~Learn the power of non-action, modesty & inner truth.

The participant will work through a holistic, integrated, principle centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. This process will help the individual to bring their life's pathway and fate into harmony with their true inner feelings (Spiritual Self), which will bring about a different orientation of consciousness to build character.

Private One on One Sessions are available to those who prefer to go through the above teachings in a more private environment. To register contact Kathleen A. Killian - Spiritual Awareness Therapist, Founder and Spiritual Director of Intuition and Energy Medicine. Phone (412) 321-6645, Fax (412)321-5673, or E-Mail.

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