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I Ching


The purpose of this workshop is to present the ancient Chinese art of spirituality, which will provide a change of personal awareness with a daily application process that carries the fulfillment of Life's purpose. Together, with a daily contemplation practice will help our spiritual development for contemporary life. The class will focus on the laboratory of Universal Laws and Spiritual Falls that affect our personal development. The discipline will teach the person to bring the Chi female energy [a circulating vital energy force needed for emotional growth of intuition] and fate into harmony. This process will assist with the underlying sometimes- unknowable direction in which life proceeds? The experiments that you make daily with The I Ching will eventually lead you to a greater understandings into the cycles of nature that connect human creativity with the energies of nature.

~ Understanding that the I Ching is not just a Chinese text, that it is a Vehicle through which the Universal teacher can speak directly to the individual.

~ Learn about the hidden layer of inner truth that can "shine through" when you use the I Ching as an oracle.

~ Realize the elements that can cause blockages of Chi in our body and in our environment, and learn how we can free ourselves from them.

~ Come to an understanding that the helpers mentioned in the I Ching are The Chi energy that sustains and renews life and find out how to stimulate the helpers in life's situations; according to they're various expertise.

~ Understanding the workings of Fate, and how to become free of it.

~ Understanding the mechanism of projection and how ideas and beliefs create an unwanted reality.

~ Learn to meditate the I Ching Way.

The participant will work through a holistic, integrated, principle centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. This process will help the individual to bring their life's pathway and fate into harmony with their true inner feelings (Spiritual Self), which will bring about a different orientation of consciousness to build character.

Private One on One Sessions are available to those who prefer to go through the above teachings in a more private environment. To register contact Kathleen A. Killian - Spiritual Awareness Therapist, Founder and Spiritual Director of Intuition and Energy Medicine. Phone (412) 321-6645, Fax (412)321-5673, or E-mail.

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