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Creating Love


The purpose of this workshop is to gain insight into a hidden picture (our true essential selves) that lies within another larger picture. The larger picture is the historical world which has been shaped by human mental processes into what we call society. Once this hidden picture comes into view, the superficiality and purposelessness of the larger picture is replaced by the gleaming beauty of the love relationship. Most importunity it is about the essentials, which must be in place if love is to endure.

~ Discussion on love as the all-important source of Chi energy, which nourishes both body and soul.

~ Understanding about cosmic laws governing relationships, which must be in place if love between two people's essentials selves may endure.

~ Learn about love as an inner connection between two people selves, which carries the completion of our spiritual development.

~ Navigate life's unpredictable and often thrilling road to higher awareness, which will reveal the hidden wondrous precepts that lead to the deepest peace we can ever know in the love relationship.

~ Understand that the wounds are deep in our culture can be healed by corrections in our historical perspective.

~ Learn that the Ego as the enemy of love.

~ Deal with the essentials of relating and establish the basis for the good-of-the- relationship, which helps to transcend the Ego if love is too grow between two people.

The participant will work through a holistic, integrated, principle centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. This process will help the individual to bring their life's pathway and fate into harmony with their true inner feelings (Spiritual Self), which will bring about a different orientation of consciousness to build character.

Private One on One Sessions are available to those who prefer to go through the above teachings in a more private environment. To register contact Kathleen A. Killian - Spiritual Awareness Therapist, Founder and Spiritual Director of Intuition and Energy Medicine. Phone (412) 321-6645, Fax (412)321-5673, or E-Mail.

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