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Women's Spirituality


The purpose of this workshop is to look at past matriarchal societies that were "not patriarchal in reverse", but rather an entirely different orientation of consciousness of the past, so as to understand how the patriarchal worldview has propelled us into a fundamental and dangerous existential crisis. This crisis furthermore threatens healthy family, cultural, and ecological structures. We may begin the healing and balancing by ending the culturally driven self-deceptions perpetuated by biased historical renderings.

: ~ To bring healing insights at a time when we can either cross into the new age of spiritual awakening and personal inner freedom, or be drawn back, through lack of a solid factual support, into the imprisonment of worn out and decadent cultural forms.

~ Understanding matristic religion, mythology, family, cultural, and ecological systems that carried the fulfillment of our life's purpose, which provides an indispensable key to an understanding of the human experience. ("For our purposes matrifocal, matristic and matriarchal should all be taken to mean communality based on blood and spirit ties uniting all living things within the body and spirit of The Great Mother")

~ Understand the important psychological implications that affect our view of ourselves in our traditional roles as men and women. To consciously unite the hidden and repressed parts of ourselves by ending the culturally driven self-deceptions deep in our culture.

The participant will work through a holistic, integrated, principle centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. This process will help the individual to bring their life's pathway and fate into harmony with their true inner feelings (Spiritual Self), which will bring about a different orientation of consciousness to build character.

Private One on One Sessions are available to those who prefer to go through the above teachings in a more private environment. To register contact Kathleen A. Killian - Spiritual Awareness Therapist, Founder and Spiritual Director of Intuition and Energy Medicine. Phone (412) 321-6645, Fax (412)321-5673, or E-mail.

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