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Kathleen Killian


My educational credentials include an International MBA, that provide an international management specialization with an emphasis on the psychology into multi-cultural diversity training paradigms. I also have six years of extensive experience in the field of spiritual psychology, which through my work I am recognized as a professional spiritual awareness educator/coach at Intuition & Energy Medicine and Community College of Allegheny County. I have planned and implemented several workshops based on non-traditional psychology. I have witnessed the effects of my work as students fosters personal growth a mindset of prosperity, personal integrity and harmony using strategic creative living and practice basic spiritual values in any aspect of their life to ensure good character. . I dedicate these non- traditional psychology workshops at a time of great global change to persons motivated to use basic spiritual values in everyday life, persons who long to change and those persons ready to change to a meaningful successful life of abundance and happiness.

In addition, I am the Founder of Intuition & Energy Medicine within The Women's Enterprise Center incubator (WEC). My services include: coaching, consulting, teaching and writing, along with managing metaphysical books and non-book items. As a past Board of Director's Co- Chair and current Member of the WEC Advisory Board, this also gives me the opportunity to participate in the educational/training program development process for the organization.

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