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PURPOSE: To provide Spiritual Awareness Therapy and Education based in non-traditional psychology. The individual will be trained in the art of non-traditional psychology techniques and the Energy Artwork process to open the doorway into their true inner feelings. In any aspect of life, attention and awareness practices turn the key to open the doorway into Self-Awareness to foster growth.
WORKSHOPS: The five (5) workshops are ongoing throughout the year.
Workplace Spirituality:

How to be your own CEO on the job -

For visionaries who are interested in serious inquiry into how to master the model of workplace spiritual wisdom percepts for living with high integrity, benevolent creativity, daring vision and clear intuition that gives us the security to adapt to change every day of life.
Women’s Spirituality:

Feminist Self-Esteem Culture Discussion Group-

A look at past matriarchal societies that were “not patriarchal in reverse”, but rather an entirely different orientation of consciousness of the past, so as to understand how the patriarchal worldview has propelled us into a fundamental and dangerous existential crisis.
Creating Love:

Heal the Wounds of the Love Relationship –

Understanding the difficulties at the beginning of the relationship and the pattern in which you expect it to unfold.
The I Ching: Spiritual Wisdom And Strategic Living For Modern Life - Actively exploring the ancient system where various responses of the individual’s true inner feelings meet the universal teacher whom speaks through the I Ching.
A Jungian Study of the Tarot Based

in Non-Traditional Psychology-

Based on the principles of Universal Law and the view that this is the “gateway” to enlightenment. Learn through the 78 cards and their application to daily life.
INDIVIDUAL TRAINING: Private One on One Sessions - Available to those who prefer to go through the above teachings in a more private environment.
OUTCOME: The participant will work through a holistic, integrated, principle centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. This process will help the individual to bring their life’s pathway and fate into harmony with their true inner feelings (Spiritual Self), which will bring about a different orientation of consciousness to build character.
CONTACT: KATHLEEN A. KILLIAN - Spiritual Awareness Therapist

Founder and Spiritual Director of Intuition and Energy Medicine

(412) 321-6645